We see our business very much as a collaborative effort. Everyone in our business can contribute ideas – but it is more than that. The team at Computer Merchants works with our vendor partners, a network of experts from across the globe, and of course our customers. In 2017, our collaboration with our customers paid off in some exciting ways.

Our motto at Computer Merchants is ‘you speak, we listen’. And why wouldn’t we, when our community has so many insights to share? It was customer feedback that sparked developments to our customer iNOC platform, now renamed CMVIEW – and you can expect more exciting announcements in 2018.

Along with the new-look interface, CMVIEW now offers free monitoring of an increasing range of systems, provided free by our qualified engineers. We’ll be adding more systems to our CMVIEW capabilities this year. Stay tuned.

CMVIEW is a part of our own digital transformation and the experience has been valuable in helping our customers to transform their own organisations. We are honoured to have been allowed to support your successes in some small way. And what successes we have seen from our customers!

From smarter cities to installing state-of-the-art point of sale equipment in some of Australia’s remote towns, we can only applaud the vision we have seen. Our customers have taken on some of the toughest industries and come out ahead.

CMVIEW isn’t the only free service available to customers under the CMLIVE umbrella; in fact, we’ve been busy creating an entire family of online tools to make life easier. CMCARE (Contracts, Assets, Renewals, Entitlements) makes the administration of managing IT a lot easier. It tracks all sorts of agreements, ensuring you never miss a date and always know exactly what your maintenance and support situation is at any given time. You can get expiry reminders, manage assets and even ensure compliance with government regulations, from any device with a browser. Thank you to everyone whose suggestions have helped to shape this valuable tool.

If all that weren’t enough, we recently launched CMPLUS (Projects, Logistics, Updates, Service). Customers told us they wanted to see the progress of their orders and projects whenever, wherever they liked, even when they are too busy to make a phone call. After long business stability, we were able to open up our accurate systems of record to give customers the full picture. You see what we see.

Listening to customers takes many forms. Often an off-the cuff comment in a social media comment or an informal phone chat lets us know if we’re on the right track. Emails are a rich source of insight into what is working. They experienced a touch of digital transformation this year; we integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) with emails to measure customer satisfaction levels.

We expect to increasingly use AI in our business in the future for all kinds of tasks. The possibilities of AI are amazing when it comes to supporting our people to provide the best service. We’re always happy to share our own experience to help you find opportunities in your own organisation – why not make 2018 your year for exploring AI as well?

In spite of all the ways we connect with our customers, there is nothing like face-to-face meetings. You probably see our sales and engineering teams most often – in fact, on occasion they tell us that customer-site users assume they are part of the in-house IT team. Maybe that’s because they often find themselves lending a hand beyond their remit – we encourage our team to act as part of your IT department, after all.

In 2017 we welcomed many of you to meet us at events. From a touch of glamour at our movie night to securing a stand at events such as Cisco Live, the Computer Merchants marketing team has kept us all busy! This can be among the best chances for relaxed conversation with our engineers, consultants and management team. Hopefully you’ll catch us at an event in 2018.
Thank you for giving us the benefit of your wisdom in 2017 – we look forward to continuing the discussion in 2018.

To learn more, or for a ‘walk-through’ of our CMLIVE services or AI integration, call us for a chat.

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