There is much conflicting or confusing information about cloud, with different vendors and media each seemingly having a different take on what it can offer. For anyone aiming to make a business more agile or to lower the financial risk of new ventures, cloud has undeniable benefits. Moving IT expenditure from up-front capital cost to operational expenditure can make budgets easier to manage as well as freeing up some precious IT resource time. With the right partner, it really can be that simple. 

Business man pointing at cloud computing on virtual background

Computer Merchants aren’t just cloud experts. We understand business. We listen to what you want to achieve with cloud and we guide you to the results you’re seeking. Our friendly experts will help you to explore the real possibilities without ever making promises we can’t deliver. Computer Merchants can help you: 

  • Plan the transition to cloud, making sure that your systems and your people are ready. 
  • Move to the cloud – and determine what you should move to the cloud. 
  • Build the customised cloud mix that works best for you. 

With secure Australian datacentres using the best enterprise equipment, as well as the smartest cloud gurus focused on your business direction…. all you need to know about cloud is Computer Merchants.