EMC Unity

All-Flash or Hybrid Storage? Unity Has it Covered.

For business-critical applications, sometimes there is no substitute for seriously high-performance Flash storage. Whether you can’t afford bottlenecks, or want to keep your systems working at the velocity of business, Flash storage keeps you up to speed.

Of course, sometimes, less demanding applications may be treated differently. For some businesses, all-Flash is a necessity, while others prefer to opt for a hybrid storage environment.

Why EMC Unity?

  • Ultimate in simplicity
  • Seamlessly extend the data storage to the cloud
  • Fully integrated SAN and NAS capabilities
  • Cloud-enabled management and proactive support keeps you connected

Whatever your organisation needs, there’s an EMC Unity option that will fit just right.

Kicking storage efficiency goals

EMC just launched its Unity storage family, and it looks set to make a lot of IT managers happy. Unity checks a lot of boxes.

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Noun: the state of being united or joined as a whole

We spend a lot of time listening to the hurdles our customers face, and one topic that is always on the radar is storage. Little wonder – they are dealing with tsunami-like volumes of data that they need to store. When we help them solve their storage challenges, though, it has a remarkable impact on the rest of their environment.

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Choosing the right storage option for your unique business needs can be challenging, but the Computer Merchants storage team is here to help you.
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