Sometimes, you may need a quick replacement at a low cost, or something that fills a gap, increases capability or fixes a problem – without overstretching the budget. Computer Merchants can offer refurbished equipment that is completely rebuilt to your requirements by our team of experienced engineers. This gives you access to a range of thoroughly tested equipment that offers exceptional value. We guarantee that the equipment will be eligible for manufacturer's warranty.

When planning updates to your environment, there may be times that some existing infrastructure no longer suits your needs. Selling equipment that is no longer needed is an environmentally friendly practice that also gives you some dollars back towards new projects. When you sell equipment to Computer Merchants, your privacy is protected. All drives are reformatted and sets are broken up as individual stock items. We’ve been specialists in refurbished equipment for decades, so you can rest assured that your equipment – and your privacy – are in safe hands. 

We buy, refurbish and sell equipment from leading vendors such as: