managed-services1 Sometimes taking care of the day-to-day essentials leaves little time for introducing the new services that can enhance your business. Other times you may need a specific task to be covered on a regular basis but finding the right skills is problematic or not financially viable. Computer Merchants Managed Services ensure you have a reliable partner to take responsibility for defined tasks with the predictability of a fixed price and assurance of agreed service levels.

Tasks such as scheduled maintenance and system upgrades can be readily assigned to our capable team, freeing up your time for other projects. We can manage services like backup and replication management, so that you can be confident that your data is secure and available without being distracted by time-consuming processes. Even performance analysis, status reports, monitoring and audit services can be contracted, so that juggling budgets becomes far simpler.


Where guaranteed services are needed to cover a shortage in available time or skills, or to make IT budgets more predictable, Computer Merchants Managed Services professionals take full responsibility for the tasks at hand.


For more information about superior managed services, contact our friendly team.