Today’s business world operates 24/7/365 but not support-services1everyone has the resources to support IT systems round the clock. Having access to our team of highly skilled engineers performs a vital supplementary role to your own in-house team, filling staffing shortfalls, protecting you from risk and helping you to comply with relevant standards.

By using our support services, you are guaranteed access to a team of specialists certified across multiple platforms including IBM i, IBM AIX and VMware. They can help you with support queries, incident management and problem resolution as well as making better supported decisions about your environment.

Computer Merchants support services give you guaranteed response times and better visibility of your key systems. Whether you need 9 to 5 support, 24/7 cover or even specific periods to cover a shortfall, you can relax knowing your support needs will be met.

To find out more about ways we can help you support your environment, get in touch.