Unless you have a magic wand (in which case, we’d like to know where you bought it), chances are that knowing what technology your business needs is only part of the battle. With a mass of competing requests, finding the large up-front funding for infrastructure can be as big a challenge as planning its installation. Of course, there are some ‘as a service’ options that can ease the pressure, but there are often good reasons to keep your IT in-house. That is where a good understanding of the various leasing and financing options comes in handy.

The most obvious benefit of leasing is the avoidance of hefty up-front costs that can prevent projects getting off the ground. You get the infrastructure you need, right away, so you can start reaping the benefits (and we pride ourselves on finding the solutions that pay for themselves quickly). Spreading the payments is only a part of the story though.

When it comes to upgrade time, there are some standout advantages. Many vendors offer favourable upgrade paths. IBM Global Financing, for example, allows you to upgrade mid-lease to newer technology, with little or no change to payments. Given the new breed of products, in particular in areas such as storage and disaster recovery, you may even find you need fewer devices to do the same job more efficiently.

Understanding finance opportunities – or unravelling your current lease arrangements – may seem daunting but it is relatively easy when you know how. Computer Merchants’ leasing specialists are always happy to demystify finance, offer guidance or even act as a link with vendors like IBM to see where you can get a better deal. They’re wizards at getting the most bang for your IT buck, whether with a single vendor or a more complicated set-up.

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