Powered by enterprise-class LenovoEMC technology, these compact desktop and rack mounted ultra-fast, server-class storage solutions are built for advanced data protection and cloud convenient content sharing. With many business features, like iSCSI block access, configurable RAID, deduplication, Mindtree video surveillance solution and embedded cloud capabilities like LenovoEMC Personal Cloud technology and Atmos Cloud Connector, the LenovoEMC px2 is ideal for small to medium sized businesses and distributed enterprise locations like branch and remote offices who need to store, share and protect their critical data.

LenovoEMC also have an extensive range of rack-mounted storage options. Built around the Intel Xeon processor to support demanding workloads, the rack-mounted px12 is ideal for production data stores, server virtualization, backup to disk target and video surveillance using features like SSD caching and active snapshotting for backups. The px12 is a powerful network storage array provides the superior performance and reliability your mission critical data requires.

LenovoEMC offers a fast and efficient “on-ramp” to the cloud along with flexible options for safeguarding business-critical data. With LenovoEMC, you have unprecedented choices, including personal, private, public and hybrid clouds, to meet your business, budget and data protection needs. Regardless of approach, LenovoEMC ensures that files and folders can be easily backed up directly from any LenovoEMC device to the cloud. It’s really that simple and seamless to ensure vital business data is safe and sound.

With LenovoEMC, it’s easy to view, archive, protect and share physical security video and audio files from anywhere with built-in video surveillance solutions. The LenovoEMC px2 comes equipped with Mindtree SecureMind Surveillance Manager to deliver a stand-alone VMS that easily sets up recordings and configurations directly and offers live monitoring, video recording, and easy, fast video playback from multiple IP cameras. So whether it’s a backup solution for a small to medium sized business or mission critical data for your virtual environment, there’s a LenovoEMC NAS that will help you maximize savings and improve data protection for your business with world class features that store, manage and protect your valuable files.

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