Here at Computer Merchants we’ve evolved substantially over time and we continue to expand the range of solutions we offer.

Listed below are the capabilities we have around IBM System z:


  • In-depth experience in the architecture and management of large enterprise infrastructures, including security
  • Technical infrastructure and business application transformations including complex implementations using DevOps and Agile
  • Identification and integration of solutions
  • Identification of solutions to reduce the impact of ageing workforce via productivity and automation
  • Specialist recruiting for ‘hard to find’ skills and personnel
  • Formal reviews of contracts and associated deliverables
  • Assessments for asset simplification and infrastructure cost-reduction
  • Assessments of capacity and performance across all platforms
  • Assessments of energy usage and management


Some Assessment areas that we can help you with include:


  • Assessment of Operational Readiness for new implementations
  • Assessments of Capacity and Performance (all platforms)
  • Sustainability Active Management Assessment – Data Centre Energy
  • Enterprise Security Assessment (across all platforms)
  • Project Health Check Assessment
  • Software Portfolio Assessment (all platforms)
  • Systems Management Assessment (all platforms)
  • Outsourcing / Insourcing Assessment (all platforms)
  • Enterprise LicenseAgreement (ELA) opportunities


Our consultants are specialised in:


  • Operating Systems – z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE and Linux for z (SUSE and Red Hat)
  • Online transaction systems
  • Data management – online real-time data warehousing
  • Enterprise Security across all platforms
  • Application Development Methodologies including DevOps and Agile
  • Disk and SAN infrastructure
  • Backup and recovery, including real time and remote
  • Performance management and Capacity Planning
  • Data Analytics (Big Data)
  • Operations support
  • Full discovery based documentation solution (all platforms including IBM z Systems, including dependencies)


Talk to us today for more information on how we can help you with your IBM System z infrastructure.

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