If you are still running V5R3 on your IBM iSeries (and we know there’s some of you out there!), please be aware that extended support is not available from IBM. Some of you may be in the position where you still need your iSeries server for a while longer but for whatever reason, you’re not in a position to upgrade your OS beyond V5R3.  If you find yourself in this position but would still like support for your OS… we can help.

We came across a customer in this position recently. We weren’t able to renew their IBM software maintenance since extended support for V5R3 is no longer available. They still needed availability of technical resource outside their organisation to assist in the event they need help. For them it was about peace of mind to have someone familiar with their system that they can call for help as and when needed.

We put together an on-call support agreement for them whereby they have access to our techs within the agreed SLA. We combined the on-call support agreement with a bundle of pre-paid hours which is drawn from when we’re required to assist. The pre-paid hours can be used for iSeries related work, however our client can use those hours for any of the technologies we support.

We’re finding numerous customers are taking up on-call support with us, and we’re seeing it across a range of technologies. It allows for a pro-active approach to technology management and provides peace of mind to know that another set of eyes are keeping an eye on the wellbeing of your critical business systems.

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