The ever increasing demands on data backup and recovery infrastructures are enormous. The hardware and software advances certainly make the infrastructure improvements necessary – but how do you know what improvements you are going to get and what about all that historic data you’ve already collected across your enterprise?

Butterfly is an innovative, totally automated application that enables companies to fully visualise their current data backup and recovery environment, including cost and risk, comparing it to target environment and then facilitate data migration safely and easily.

Firstly, the Butterfly Analysis Engine gives you a complete view of your current environment. All the relevant information and indicators, not just for data but for infrastructure, are collected, automatically tested and analysed by this powerful tool using unique Butterfly Metrics. Butterfly Analysis Engine performs this operation smoothly and quickly, and presents the findings in an easily understood format that allows you to see and appreciate the business costs and exposure to risks in both the current and the proposed backup environments. It delivers differential business case in easy to digest visual report.

Secondly, the Butterfly Migration Engine prepares, configures and performs the automated data transfers. Adhering to strictly controlled protocols, Butterfly copies, cleans and places the relevant data into the new target environment format; safely, quickly and completely independently of the live backup production environment.

This unique and innovative solution finally delivers the reality of automated backup migration.
Butterfly also fully automates actual data migration quickly, safely and without disruption to the production environment, facilitating completely flawless consolidation of all historic compliance data from their legacy environments; quickly, safely, cost effectively and without disruption.

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