Between managing Big Data, improving infrastructure effectiveness, maximising business agility and efficiency, and enabling the always-on enterprise, today’s IT leader has a lot on their agendas.

Across a wide range of industries, IT leaders are falling prey to a box-ticking mentality – constantly trying to keep up with the new technologies, solutions and trends that others are embracing.

The problem is, doing the same things and adopting the same technologies that everybody else already has doesn’t deliver the desired competitive advantage. If CIOs want to add business value and help their organization get ahead, they’re going to need to take a few calculated risks and challenge the status quo.

Everybody’s facing the same challenges – exponential data growth, a constant stream of new technology and flat budgets – but not everybody is tackling them in the same way. These challenges can hold your business back, but for those that adopt innovative new solutions, they also represent a huge opportunity to get ahead of the competition.


So why aren’t CIO’s embracing innovation?

According to the Deloitte 2014 CIO Survey, 19% of all CIOs ring-fence less than 1% of their budget for the purpose of innovation. Why aren’t CIOs embracing new technology and solutions as broadly and confidently as their users would expect?

  • High risk-adversity
  • Misconceptions about ROI
  • Poor internal relations
  • A reliance on solutions that are “good enough”
  • A lack of skills and time
  • Misconceptions around “version 1.0” and passing trends

Larger companies need to change their attitudes toward innovation. CIO’s must stop always choosing the “market leader” or waiting to see what others do with technologies if they want to make a real difference – their future and that of their organisation.


A modern CIO should:

Take calculated risks

CIOs’ adversity to risk is holding them and their companies back. By selecting the right innovative solutions they can start making a real difference to their organisation without putting as much on the line. In reality there is little to lose and a great deal of new capabilities, efficiencies and advantages to gain when you take the right approach to risk.

Strive for excellence

Innovation needs to be driven by a leader who’s hungry to deliver high value to the business and make difficult choices that lead to real competitive advantage. For many CIOs this is going to require a significant change to their attitudes and outlook. Those who can adapt to this new way of thinking can transform their business – and their careers.

Invest in сhange

By putting aside a set amount of IT budget for innovation, CIOs can change the way they view the risks associated with it. Having this budget acts as a constant reminder not to always play it safe.

Change the way they look at the CIO role

Today the CIO is so much more than someone that just keeps technology running. In a world defined by technology, the CIO has an unrivaled ability to transform the organisation with the decisions they make. As a modern CIO, innovation isn’t a choice, it’s a responsibility for those that want to be successful.

Make the change gradually with the right solutions

There are new technologies that enable you to use your existing assets in innovative or extended ways, instead of requiring fundamental changes. For example, cloud services enabling businesses to try new technologies via SaaS, PaaS and IaaS on a smaller project base without huge infrastructure investments. In addition, many cloud technologies allow integration with existing legacy solutions essentially forming a hybrid IT environment of “new” and “legacy” together.


With the move to Hybrid IT environments CIO attitudes and approaches to innovation need to change. To help move their organisation forward and avoid stagnation, CIOs need transformational solutions that integrate with their existing investments and architecture instead of replacing them.

At Veeam we create and deliver solutions that enable the always-on enterprise with minimum impact on your current IT configuration. We can help you reduce the risk of innovation, and start integrating some truly transformational technology into your current IT infrastructure. To discuss this further, contact your Computer Merchants Account Manager.

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