As your mid-range servers get older and maintenance renewal dates loom closer, you are faced with a decision.  Should you renew the maintenance or should you replace or consolidate your servers?


Our customers often think that IBM midrange servers are expensive, but IBM have done a good job of giving you much more bang for your buck as each new family of servers is released.


Every scenario is different of course but we find it is quite common that the price of a new Power System server is very comparable to paying three years of hardware and software maintenance on your existing IBM iSeries or pSeries server, particularly if your existing server is three or more years old.


However as you look further at the overall picture, buying new equipment becomes more and more attractive… even more so if you have a few servers you can consolidate through partitioning.


First of all, when you buy a new IBM Power System, it comes bundled with three years of hardware warranty and it is very cost effective to include three years of software maintenance with the server purchase.


As time goes on you get much more processor performance (CPW or rPerf) for any given software tier so often customers find they can significantly increase performance AND move into a lower software tier (or at least stay in the same software tier).  This of course translates directly to keeping a lid on your licensing costs.


Also as your hardware ages, your business risk increases as a disruptive hardware failure is more likely.  Support costs also rise over time for both hardware and software.


If you leave it too long to replace your server, you’ll also find your compatibility between your operating system and applications can be an issue.  In addition to being unable to take advantage of the benefits of new application releases, the time, effort and cost of migration goes up as well.


Then there’s your internal customers (your users) complaining about response times…

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