Dear Margaret,

Apparently cycling is the new golf.

I’ve been out hitting the tarmac with just a thin bit of rubber between me and the road. Laying one continuous line along the many miles of bike track and cycling paths around our city. One continuous line along with the hundreds and thousands of other continuous lines laid by the hundreds and thousands of other cyclists who pass me by.

What is behind this latest craze? Is it a passing fad or is it a new movement? And is it about looking the goods in the latest team lycra or is it about improving the health and lifestyles of an ever-widening population.

All I know is that I enjoy getting out on the bike, wind in the diminishing-hair, and clocking up some kays.


Peter Pedals



Dear Peter,

It can be difficult to work out what is here to stay and what could pass with the wind. Take the whole area of I.T. as an example. There are lots of sales people and organisations that may catch on to the latest fad and then move on to the next wave as the craze passes.  The good folk at Computer Merchants have been around for a long time and can help your I.T. department look beyond the latest fashion item and take a long term view of your business needs.

Sometimes the latest fad might just fit the bill, but take the time to chat to the nice people at Computer Merchants who will be able to help to provide a long term business solution!



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