Are you struggling to create a compelling business case to upgrade server infrastructure?

Many of us have servers and blades aged three years or more. Existing three year warranties are expiring but the cost of ongoing maintenance and support charges is still not enough to justify change.

Have you considered these cost saving measures?

VMware vSphere licensing and annual support is costed on a per processor basis.
By purchasing a new blade or server with the latest Intel processor and by consolidating and optimising VM placements you can realise immediate OPEX savings across mounting annual support and licensing renewals.

There are no processor restrictions when licensed for VMware vSphere 5 and above. With 8 and 10 core Intel processors now being released, the reasons to replace 2 and 4 core servers have never been more compelling.

Basically, you have the ability to consolidate VMs from many into less new servers thus reducing your annual software licensing. You’re most likely paying full price for processor licensing that should be yielding much better bang for your buck!

This is equally true for Windows, SQL Server, Veeam, Oracle Weblogic and Oracle Database and many other server software products which are also priced on a per processor basis.

With a quick discussion, our VMware engineers can quickly point out these areas of improvement in your server environment and provide services to help you start saving money.

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