Did you know that not having the latest firmware is one of the most common causes of calls needing to be logged with IBM!

60% of all service calls are closed by RTS (Remote Technical Services) remotely and a large portion of these are resolved quickly by firmware updates.

Avoid experiencing these “problems” by ensuring you are using the current firmware.

Here are some firmware update tips:

Manage change. Regularly update firmware.

  • This is critically important to the overall reliability, availability and performance of your system. It could also help you avoid unscheduled outages.

Schedule routine maintenance.

  • Schedule windows of time to apply any new updates required to bring your systems to current firmware level. It will help your machines run at optimum levels of performance and functionality.

Apply critical fixes with urgency.

  • The urgency associated with applying critical fixes is often directly related to your specific hardware / software configuration.

ALWAYS read the readme files.

  • This will help you determine whether updates need to be applied immediately for critical updates.

Use online update packages.

  • This will make updating your firmware easier and more convenient without disrupting you operating environment. (Online update packages are run on Windows and Linux OS.)

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