It doesn’t seem long since environmental issues were very much a niche affair, with individuals involved perceived to be, shall we say, eccentric. We like to think the reality is a little different: Computer Merchants has been promoting some very environmentally sound practices for decades – no tree hugging required.

These days, of course, the world is catching on and organisations of all sizes are paying attention. Whether your business is legally required to report on environmental impact or simply wants to take responsibility for its footprint, the IT department can play its part – and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Here are five of our tips to make your data centre greener:

  1. Invest in technologies that reduce the floor space you need – fewer devices generally means lower energy costs, not to mention a lower impact of manufacturing. Depending on your needs, you could consider hyper-convergence, better use of virtualisation or simply more efficient management.
  2. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Even though it is time for a refresh, it doesn’t mean that old equipment is no longer useful. A good IT partner will help you to examine whether it can be redeployed for other uses within your organisation. Other options include selling to a reliable used equipment vendor or using environmentally friendly disposal methods. Ask Computer Merchants about how we can help.
  3. Energy efficiency – if it has been a while since you looked at new infrastructure, you may be pleasantly surprised. Devices like IBM Power Systems make energy conservation a major design feature and many others are following suit.
  4. Choose cloud providers carefully – service models can offer an economy of scale that in itself reduces environmental impact. Look for a provider that is able to explicitly inform you about the part environmental considerations play in the design of their datacentres.
  5. Educate your users on the simple methods they can adopt to conserve power when using technology. Even simply switching off inactive printers and chargers or choosing the right settings on a laptop can add up to significant power savings.

For more on environmentally sound IT policy and design, or to share your own tips, get in touch.

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