The classic IT helpdesk quote that for years made so many of us feel dumb when computers haven’t been behaving, and then like magic (or some mysterious connection between IT technician and PC) everything is running smoothly. In reality, the OS needed a reboot to allow a patch to be installed, clear the cache, close down that game of spider solitaire you weren’t meant to be playing, run an important security scan, or unclog the pile of quarantined emails titled “FW: CRAZY CATS! OMG THIS IS SO CUTE! PASS IT ON TO TEN FRIENDS FOR LUCK!”

While the above quote is still a relevant fix for many a frozen screen, the fact is endpoint management in this day and age is just not that simple. As our businesses and lives get more and more connected with the big wide world, many new challenges bring headaches to system admins and IT support staff that can cost the business money and valuable man-power/resources if left unmanaged or managed in the wrong way. IT support staff are performing endpoint fixes manually or managing these tasks through several different applications. Throw in distributed locations, mobile company devices and now you have a real issue.

Tivoli Endpoint Manager (TEM) from IBM will solve all of these under a single management console, able to deploy to and report back from up to 250,000 endpoints. With TEM’s modular element, it can be the entire solution or part of the solution. TEM can cover:

  • Lifecycle Management
  • Security & Compliance
  • Core Protection
  • Patch Management
  • Software Use Analysis
  • Power Management
  • Mobile Device Management.

Using Tivoli Endpoint Manager, clients can:

  • See all endpoints: physical, virtual, fixed or mobile in real-time
  • Fix issues anywhere in minutes, regardless of bandwidth or connectivity
  • Deploy in days, over any network or geography
  • Achieve continuous compliance – across platforms
  • Simplify operations and enjoy rapid time to value

So what are your headaches when it comes to managing your endpoint desktops, laptops, mobiles, servers and POS? The truth is some businesses have left the small issues alone for so long they are genuinely afraid of what they might find once the TEM agent is out on their network reporting back. The task of re-aligning those random distributed endpoints to be compliant with business security practices might seem more like attempting to align the planets.

Here at Computer Merchants, our 100% Tivoli Endpoint Manager qualified technicians can provide you the foundations train your IT team on the product an in days rather than months, you will have a unified, secure, patched, compliant and productive network of endpoints, making you money, rather than playing spider solitaire and crashing your PC’s, or simply forgetting to turn them off each day and saving on that power bill.

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