Customers looking to extend the life of their existing HP infrastructure or those looking to reduce their acquisition costs without taking risks, take note!


The HP Renew Program offers customers a comprehensive portfolio of completely remanufactured HP products at competitive and attractive prices. HP warranty is assured as all HP Renew products undergo the same rigorous processes as new products.


Through the Renew program, Computer Merchants is able to offer the very latest HP technology as more than 80% of the product portfolio is less than 12 months old. Products are sourced from returned demonstration / loaner equipment or factory excess.  Some also comes from customer returns and trade-in programs.


Benefits to you:

– Original HP quality and reliability

– Extensive product portfolio

– Latest and older generation technology available

– Complete HP warranty, service and support options

– HP Finance packages can apply to Renew equipment

– More than 80% are less than 12 months old, some even brand new

– Excellent price-performance ratio

– Same performance as new products

– Competitive prices


Extended Life Products


Many customers have invested a great deal in their systems, such as HP 9000 and Alphaserver machines, mainly because of the performance and reliability of HP products.


HP will continue to support these customers, allowing them to complete their migration plans within their extended time frames.  With HP Renew, Computer Merchants is able to meet the demand for these servers, options and upgrades, even after production stops, with fully remanufactured systems and components from the HP Renew Program.


The HP Renew Program ensures that these Extended Life Products will continue to be provided, even after the discontinuation of new product deliveries.


All products from the HP Renew Program undergo the same production and testing processes as new products – so the HP warranty for HP Renew systems and components is the same as the warranty for new HP products.

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