Comprehensive, convenient services for the resale or disposal of your IT assets

Disposing of obsolete IT assets can be a real challenge for many organisations. Every time you upgrade IT equipment, you want to minimise cost, maximise value recovery and ensure that disposal methods comply with relevant environmental regulations. Computer Merchants and IBM can help you meet these challenges and more.

Drawing on over 30 years of experience managing millions of ex-lease IT assets, IBM Global Financing can deliver best of breed product remarketing and logistics capabilities through it’s suite of  IBM Asset Recovery Solutions.  These services provide safe, secure and proper processing of any used hardware by a trusted solution provider.

IBM Asset Recovery Solutions provides you the opportunity to dispose of your IT hardware assets, regardless of brand, in the secondary market with options to accommodate your specific requirements:

  • Fixed Price Takeout. IBM will offer a set price for your marketable IT assets. After asset verification, you are paid and IBM absorbs all financial and inventory risk during the subsequent sale process.
  • Scrap Services. Products without market value can be sent to an IBM designated location for dismantling and disposal. All products are dismantled and scrapped using processes that meet relevant environmental laws and regulations. At least 99 percent of all products and materials are either re-used or recycled.

The above options are complemented by a range of additional services for your convenience or peace of mind:

  • Logistics. Let IBM manage the process of decommissioning, collecting and shipping your hardware from multiple sites to minimise the burden on your staff.
  • Data security.  Hard file data can be cleansed via a 1, 3, 5 or 7-pass overwrite process, rendering your data virtually irretrievable. Alternatively your hard drives can be physically impaired using a range of methods.
  • Certificates of Destruction.  For your records IBM can provide a written Certificate of Destruction for certain serialised assets.

Gartner rated IBM Global Financing as a Leader in their recently updated Magic Quadrant for IT Asset Disposal. Why not take advantage of one-stop support available for the disposal of new/surplus or used IT hardware? Call us today and ask about IBM Asset Recovery Solutions.

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