Are you concerned about the high cost of acquiring the IT you need, and whether you can even afford it?

Effective IT is key to achieving business objectives. But you have to provide effective IT — efficient, reliable and flexible — in ways that maximise your existing investments and work within the tight limitations of your budget. How do you reach that goal?

Compared to purchasing and outright ownership of IT equipment, leasing provides an array of compelling benefits, including affordability, that span the entire lifecycle of your IT solution. It can help you get the infrastructure you need, not just the infrastructure you can afford.

Leasing and other funding solutions from IBM Global Financing may accelerate acquisition of IT equipment and solutions, including IBM and non IBM hardware, software and services. It’s an affordable model for all size companies and organisations and helps lower your total cost of ownership and protect your enterprise against technology obsolescence and financial risk.

Besides conserving capital, leasing through IBM Global Financing provides unmatched technological flexibility and marketplace agility by allowing you to upgrade to the latest technology in the middle of your lease term with little or no increase in your monthly payments. This allows your business to always stay ahead of the curve in this age of rapid technological change.

By leasing through IBM Global Financing, you’re essentially  using our money to pay for your technology and holding onto your own capital to support  other important business expenses and core investments. In addition, you turn upfront costs into affordable monthly payments that you can comfortably handle.

We can tailor a flexible finance solution to suit your specific business needs. Our offerings help maximise cash flow for the lifetime of your acquisition and also assist in the disposal of your equipment at end-of-lease in a secure and environmentally safe manner.

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