It is no secret that the IBM ‘mainframe’ has a long and enviable history within the computer industry.  What may be less well known is that far from dying out as some had predicted, the IBM mainframe (currently branded “IBM System Z”) has enjoyed significant growth over the last several years.


Computer Merchants has served clients for a number of years who count a mainframe as part of their infrastructure.  We are pleased to announce that as one of the largest resellers of IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment in Australia / New Zealand, we can now provide high-quality complete machines and upgrades sourced direct from IBM.


I recently had the opportunity to visit the IBM facility in Poughkeepsie (New York) where mainframes are both built brand new and remanufactured to order.  IBM has a well deserved reputation for quality, and this plant visit certainly opened my eyes to the reasons why.


Part of the manufacturing process for these systems includes stress testing under a range of environmental and workload conditions.  The Poughkeepsie site includes a number of “climate cells” where newly built machines are subjected to both extremely high and low temperatures, well in excess of what they would ordinarily encounter in a business environment.  This goes a long way to ensuring that these mission critical systems stay up and running whenever they are needed throughout their life.


IBM also maintains an entire data centre floor running over 200 mainframe systems of many generations, connected to a wide range of peripheral devices. This investment enables IBM to replicate almost any error being experienced by mainframe clients worldwide in order to develop a fix.


IBM maintenance records and the log it keeps of fixes developed for a wide range of client issues allows it to remanufacture systems to a very high quality standard.  Why not take a look at the special offers on currently available System z9 machines (page 11), or talk to us about later model hardware.


Jas Hayer

Sales Manager

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