Are your business critical applications still in need of improved response times but your company is already running more than sufficient systems in terms of processing power and memory?  If you’re looking for extra speed, why not cast a fresh eye over your storage; in many cases this storage-side performance, not memory or processor, is the primary culprit of application delays and issues. With the processor waiting on information coming through from storage, precious time and resources are wasted.

Available now are a range of IBM Flash Systems. Utilising a slightly different technology to SSD, this could very well be the affordable future of high performance storage solutions. Research by IBM shows as follows:

‘IBM flash storage offerings provide extreme IOPS and low-latency performance to turbocharge these new IT infrastructures. When compared to equivalent disk systems, IBM flash storage solutions deliver 6.7 times more capacity in a single rack, 19 times more cost efficiency in dollars/per IOPS, and are 115 times more energy efficient.1

In just 1RU using the IBM Flash System 710 and less than 300 watts you can experience up to 570,000 read IOPS and 400,000 write with a usable capacity of 5.2 Terabytes. The next model up is the 810 offering 10.3TB usable and just a mere 350 watts.

For business critical applications where no single point of failure is required there is the IBM Flash System 720 and 820 offering 6.2, 12.4 or 24.7 Terabytes usable and still clean on the carbon footprint, rated at 300 watts for the 820 and 350 watts for the 720. These two systems support not only RAID 0 as the 710 and 810, but also RAID 5 and are still in the 1RU form factor.

All four variations within this product range offer connectivity options of four 8Gbps Fibre Channel and four 40Gbps QDR Infiniband.

If you’re looking to enable your business critical or other applications with micro second latency from your storage please feel free to allow us to discuss these current offerings from IBM with you and just how well priced these are in the market.

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