So first of all what are the differences between the Generation 1 V7000 and Generation 2


By increasing performance and connectivity, integrated compression acceleration, and additional scalability IBM has further extended the Storwize V7000 range. Compared with the first generation of IBM Storwize V7000 models, the new generation is much more powerful and scalable. But don’t fret if you have existing Gen 1 v7000 you can cluster or virtualise these with the Gen 2.

The new generation V7000 Storwize has increased in:

  • Scalability: up to 4 PetaByte in a 4 node cluster
  • Performance: up to 64 CPU Cores in a 4 node cluster
  • Infrastructure Speed: Back end connectivity for the expansion enclosures @ 12Gbps
  • Connectivity: up to 64 Fibre Channel connections in a 4 node cluster
  • Cache: up to 512GB of cache in a 4 node cluster

Data is the new currency of business. The average firm purchases 24 percent more storage every year, but uses less than half of the capacity it already has. Organisations often spend too much money and time managing where their data is stored.

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