It’s the scariest night of the year, and this Halloween, people around the world are dressing up as fearful creatures: witches, ghosts, zombies and vampires. For IT managers, though, there are far more terrifying nightmares…. In keeping with the season, the team at Computer Merchants have shared some of the biggest causes of sleepless nights:

  • Losing data. You’re the guardian of one of your company’s most precious assets, so the mere thought of losing it is likely to set a chill down your spine. Unless you have really good recovery options and a well-tested business continuity plan. Then, you can sleep easy.
  • Ex-employees. An IS Decisions study found that at least a third of departing employees are left with access to systems or data. While they may not all have revenge – or competitive advantage – on their minds, the problem is significant enough that the US Department of Homeland Security recently issued a warning, making recommendations to keep businesses safe.
  • Losing people. Most IT environments have been built up over time and long-term staff get to know their way around the quirks and challenges. If they depart – especially suddenly – you could find yourself left in the darkness fending off unseen crises.
  • Losing devices. Sure, mobile devices can make staff more productive – until one of them leaves their smartphone in a taxi after the marketing department’s Christmas bash. We can’t promise to make your colleagues more careful… but we know a few tricks to safely deal with the resulting risk.
  • Hardware failure. When your equipment fails, there’s no need for your reputation to head to the graveyard. Getting it replaced – and ensuring redundancy – doesn’t have to be a horror.
  • Infections. That email may not have looked like a frightfest, but it invited in some unwanted visitors. No matter how well you educate colleagues, the thought of relying entirely on their judgement will make you shiver.

Want some safe fixes for IT’s scariest horrors? Give us a call.

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