Uncertainty in the market place about the PC?
There’s been a lot of debate about where the PC business is headed with PC manufacturers employing new strategies and the business model seemingly moving towards the “dumb terminal” model.
There is one player who is wholly committed to making award-winning PC’s with no plans to change their business model now or any time in the future. They have invested heavily in their acquisition business ensuring that they have a competitive service offering globally.
Innovation and a commitment to working with the channel sets this player apart; they focus their R&D efforts on solving challenges companies face: managing their PC population efficiently, realising a low total cost of PC ownership, and protecting valuable data from theft and damage.
Design features like the spill-resistant keyboards with a liquid drain hole. Reliability features like magnesium rollcage technology and one-button system recovery. Productivity features like the Think Vantage Productivity Center simplify daily tasks such as wireless connectivity, driver upgrades, and password protection.
In today’s economy, Lenovo believes customers judge companies solely by the level of value they deliver to customers worldwide. Therefore, Lenovo promises customers and partners to deliver award-winning PCs with an unequalled ownership experience.
Computer Merchants are able to leverage their relationship with Lenovo at a vendor and a distributor level to ensure that we meet your business requirements, secure acquisition pricing and offer you a long term solution for all your PC needs.

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