Following the end of life of Oracle’s M3000 SPARC Enterprise M-Series server, the M4000 and M5000 have gone end of life and no longer available as of July 1 this year. This also includes upgrades such as memory and the External I/O Expansion Unit. A likewise story with the M8000 and M9000 models but support will still be available from Oracle for some years to come.

Superseding this range, Oracle has birthed the new SPARC T5 and M5 systems. This is not necessarily to replace the T4 range despite the consecutive nature of the name; T5. The T4 range is still in the road map with this new range adding to the already highly successful range of SPARC based servers. Oracle’s new SPARC servers have set more than 17 world record benchmarks including best performance and value for clients running enterprise and database applications. Models of the new T5 series include:

  • Oracle SuperCluster T5-8
  • SPARC T5-1B Blade Server Module
  • SPARC T5-2 Server
  • SPARC T5-4 Server
  • SPARC T5-8 Server

    And the SPARC M5-32 Server

The SuperCluster is engineered on extreme performance based, according to Oracle, the world’s fastest database server, database storage and fastest processor whilst maintaining the highest availability with no single point of failure.

The T5-1B server module has double the processor cores as the previous generation, boasting 128 compute threads.

The T5-2 Server will deliver 2.3 times the system throughput than the previous generation using 16-cores per SPARC T5 processor.

The T5-4 is aimed at extreme performance, scalability and security with huge system throughput and I/O capacity and high single-thread performance via the new SPARC T5 3.6GHz processor. Up to 64-cores and 512 threads per system when using 4 processors all in a 5RU rack space.

The T5-8 is much like it’s younger brother, the T5-4, but can employ a capacity of twice the CPU; eight 3.6GHz SPARC processors, 128 cores per system and a maximum thread count of 1,024 – not to mention up to 4TB of memory all for just another 3RU; making it 8 rack units high.

And if you’re looking for the highest performance in memory processing, system virtualisation and best RAS in a single Oracle system you will find all this in the M5-32. Massive system scalability, compute growth, up to 32 SPARC 6-core 3.6GHz M5 processors, up to 32TB of memory, up to 32 drives and up to 64 PCIe Gen3 slots in a single cabinet. And it guarantees application binary compatibility for Oracle Solaris applications and OS version flexibility. Talk to us about how we can shift your legacy applications onto new infrastructure and save on your power, carbon footprint and licensing costs.

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