Essentially managed services let you offload IT operations to a service provider like Computer Merchants, allowing you to focus your efforts on those things that will increase your revenue and improve your core business profitability.

Some common categories of managed services include:


  • Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR)
  • Help desk
  • Storage administration
  • Security administration
  • Management of virtualisation environment
  • Server infrastructure management
  • Network infrastructure management
  • Managed print services
  • Mobile device management

For the past several years, managed services has been one of the most rapidly growing categories of IT services.

What are some of the big reasons why managed services are attractive?


  • Predictable costs – No more paying by the hour or massive budget overruns.
  • Lower costs – Compared to the cost of building IT services capabilities in-house, managed services have a much lower cost structure because overhead can be spread over dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of MSP clients.
  • Higher productivity – Because resources provided as managed services are by very definition highly-centralised, the risk of emergency of downtime can be virtually eliminated.  High availability options, that are often cost prohibitive for individual clients, are part of the appeal of managed services and drive much higher client productivity.
  • More secure – In these times, everyone has to worry about IT security. However most clients don’t have the resources to hire an experienced chief security officer (CSO). MSPs, or at least the vendors they partner with, do have these resources to ensure that all of their clients are well protected from common IT security threats.

There are many arguments in favour of the idea that managed services make sense for a company. The most important fact is that managed services need to deliver value as there is no point migrating or changing to a managed service if there isn’t new value created.

Computer Merchants have been providing managed services in all of its various flavours, tailored to our customer’s needs for more than 5 years. Why not give us a call to discuss a managed services solution that will add value to you.

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