There are many risks and points of failure in any IT environment.  With the use of APC Netbotz you have the ability to provide environmental monitoring inside the most critical area of a company’s infrastructure, the Datacentre.


APC Netbotz monitoring covers many areas including but not limited to –

  • Security Cameras – CCTV, rack monitoring of lights
  • Sensors for – Temperature, Humidity, Smoke, Leak, Vibration, Rack, Room and more.

Depending on your needs, Netbotz devices can monitor between 4 and 78 sensors and up to 4 cameras.  APC also provides control and management of access control profiles for individual employees, configure scheduled access to equipment for maintenance purposes, and view audit trails.  Various alarm notifications are available to indicate a compromised security state such as forced entry and door position.  If you need to understand what you need, then have APC / Schneider Electric view your site, discuss your options and configure a solution.

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