One of our customers recently purchased an IBM PureFlex. Thanks to this purchase they now enjoy a number of benefits worth telling you about.

The client had an ageing infrastructure and the lease was about to end. Their business is expanding both in terms of additional sites and revenue growth so they needed an infrastructure that suited their current requirements as well as being something they could easily grow into.

Their core production infrastructure consisted of an IBM Power 6 iSeries server, some HP DL380 ESX servers, some HP DL360 Citrix servers, an HP EVA4400 SAN and HP SAN switches.

The client replaced this with an IBM PureFlex containing an IBM p260 iSeries node (server), some IBM x240 nodes to host their VMware and Citrix environments, IBM V7000 disk storage, IBM TS3200 LTO6 dual tape system, 8Gb FC SAN switches and our services to set up the equipment and assist with migration of their systems to the PureFlex.

The client financed this solution.

The key benefits they now enjoy include:

  • Ease of management – a single pane of glass to manage the entire infrastructure.This includes patching the entire infrastructure in the one hit without having to worry about compatibility issues. This ease of management benefit of IBM PureFlex also extends to such tasks as provisioning virtual machines and managing storage.
  • Lower IT operational costs – through ease of management, lower power costs and lower cooling costs.
  • Improved graphics solution for Citrix
  • Improved networking (Ethernet and SAN)
  • Less disruption through faster backups
  • Improved storage i/o through Solid State Disks and Easy Tier software on the IBM V7000

In addition to the benefits listed above, by financing the purchase of the PureFlex, the clients’ monthly payments for this solution ended up being less than lease payments on previous core IT infrastructure refreshes. In fact they were able to finance a higher amount than before and still have lower monthly payments.

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