One of the enticing benefits of a cloud solution is that it is usually a pay as you go offering. For businesses this means no upfront capital expenditure and a known fixed expense that they can easily budget for. The downside is that to enjoy these financial benefits businesses must be prepared to remove their data from within their own premises and put it in the care of a third party, the cloud provider. It also means that you need to maintain communication links sufficient to deliver system performance to your staff and customers. For some businesses these can form hurdles too big to overcome.

To overcome these challenges Computer Merchants developed on premise pay as you go tailored solutions.  Our clients are now enjoying the many benefits that these solutions provide them which include:

  • No or low upfront capital investment
  • Fixed ongoing operational expense that is easy to budget for
  • Peace of mind that their data is on their own premises behind their own lock and key.
  • No responsibility to manage the assets
  • No additional network costs
  • Ongoing management of the systems by Computer Merchants

Our clients vary in how much systems management they require. Some prefer us to just supply and maintain the hardware platform and leave the rest to them. Others require us to manage everything including the operating system, patching, backups, Disaster Recovery and more. All of our solutions are tailored to the individual requirements of each customer. If this kind of solution would suit your situation please contact us to discuss your unique business objectives.

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