If you’re interested in reducing your server related operating expenses and improving performance the following illustrates what one of our customers achieved when they replaced their IBM Power 5 servers with new IBM Power 7 servers.

This customer was running their main ERP’s on two p595 Power 5 servers, with one of these servers being the main production server and the other running DR, development and some production workload.

The p595’s were maxed out on memory and some upcoming projects were going to require more memory.  Adding more memory to the p595’s was going to be an expensive exercise.

After putting together a couple of options on new Power 7 server models the client decided that 740’s were the best option for them. The production p595 was replaced with a pair of identically configured 740’s while the dev / DR server was replaced with a third 740 server and an upgrade to an existing 750 server. The 740’s were configured to give them the extra memory they needed as well as plenty of scope to add extra CPU and memory later if needed.

The Power 7 servers come with three years of hardware warranty and are in a lower software tier, reducing their software maintenance costs. In fact the cost of the new Power 7 servers (including three years hardware warranty and three years software maintenance) is equivalent to two years of hardware and software maintenance on the p595’s.

As far as power costs go, each of the new Power 7 servers they purchased uses less than 10% of the power of one of their p595’s.

So in summary, this client:

  • Purchased new Power 7 servers (including three years hardware and software maintenance) for an amount equivalent to paying two years of maintenance on their p595’s.
  • Reduced their server related power costs by 80%.
  • Gained the extra memory they needed (with plenty of room to add more)

Every situation is of course different but as the above example illustrates, the combination of increased performance and total cost of ownership often makes the business case to purchase new Power 7 servers compelling when compared to keeping your existing servers.

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