The Samsung Series 7 Slate fills the gap between wimpy Windows tablets and clunky convertible laptops, providing a powerful processing and portable solution.


Over the last 12 months multiple tablets from varying vendors have been released trying to get more market share. This flurry of activity has provided a lot of choice to the end user but at the same time a lot of confusion on what to choose. In most cases – a lot of our customers had just settled for an iPad because it was the ‘obvious’ choice. This, unfortunately, meant that they had to introduce iTunes and related Apple software into a Windows environment, creating more complication on the management of end points.


Samsung just released a Windows 7 based tablet that may well help bridge the gap in the market. Samsung calls these a Slate – not a tablet! But a SLATE!


The Slate we played with was running a beta version of Windows 8 and felt very smooth and easy to work with. However, the current model comes with Win 7 Pro as a standard.


Probably the biggest positive was this was a PC in a Tablet (sorry Slate) format. It will probably help ease the management of the proliferation of tablets (Android & iOS) within the IT environment. I said probably, as this will need to be tested and tried and the Slates are too new for us to come to conclusions.


Another interesting thing that was pointed out by one of our Technical guys – who loves Linux – we can try and install a version of Linux OS in this tablet. I am not sure of the availability of the drivers, but I guess it’s a possibility.


The marketing blurb used by Samsung is, in my opinion, pretty close to the real thing: Enjoy the power of a Window’s based PC and the convenience of a tablet. A Slate PC with a thin and light design means you can take it around with you, while a 2nd generation Intel Core i5 processor and genuine Win 7 provide a familiar and powerful working environment. It also comes with a wide choice of input devices.


Keypoints of the Samsung 7 Slate to note:


  • Comes with the Bluetooth cradle, keyboard & digitiser pen as a standard
  • 860g weight, 12.85mm thick, 11.6” Capacitive touch screen / LED LCD display
  • Up to 7 hours battery life
  • 4gb DDR3 Memory
  • 64GB SSD or 128GB SSD
  • Gigabit Ethernet LAN (via docking cradle)
  • Win 7 Pro Operating System
  • Micro HDMI (on the slate) & HDMI (on the cradle)

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