In time IBM introduced a family of system based workload optimised appliances. They’re known as SAP HANA’s. HANA stands for High performance Analytical Appliance. The HANA appliance enables organisations to analyse business operations based on very large volumes of transactional and analytical data as it develops – Also to instantly explore and analyse the data from virtually any data source in real time. The idea of these new pre-loaded bundles is they allow you to quickly get up and going with answering important questions about your business.

The purchase for the licenses is placed with SAP and your SAP partner is available to work with you and your business to configure the right software. We can work with your business putting together a Proof of Concept that can be implemented in just 10 days. The POC benefits include:

  • Test drive the power of HANA on your own data without spending any money on the hardware or software.
  • Provides tangible inputs into the development of a HANA business case.
  • Allow your key stakeholders to experience the power of HANA by running a report using your own business’ data.
  • Validate whether a specific, high volume reporting scenario is feasible with HANA and skill sets required to implement your specific use case in HANA.

The ability to run a SAP BusinessObjects report (or BO) of your choice, using your own data, while on a certified SAP HANA server (provided by IBM), is the ideal way to achieve peace of mind before you invest in your own HANA appliance or even as a prelude to a HANA business case.

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