Recently a long standing valued customer of approached us seeking assistance with addressing the requirements of a security audit. Specifically this client was looking to be able to provide a report to their board regarding their network security and potential vulnerabilities. The customer’s immediate need was to identify and address any potential external vulnerabilities of their organisation. We were able to quickly and efficiently provide an initial external remote penetration test (RPT) and an accompanying detailed report of exactly what testing was conducted, how it was conducted, vulnerabilities discovered and recommendations for addressing them. To achieve this Computer Merchants utilise the following methodology:



The customer was very pleased with the outcome of the initial testing and accompanying report that they have sought to also conduct the more intrusive internal Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Test (VAPT), for which the following methodology is utilised:




For all of Computer Merchant’s clients, security is an important consideration and perhaps not all are aware that we can assist with your needs in this area. Most have utilised Computer Merchants traditional new or used hardware business and still more have availed us to assist with support and maintenance of your infrastructure. Perhaps not all of our customers are aware that we can assist with all of your technology needs as an end to end IT provider and technology broker.

For this customer we were able to provide a cost effective Security Penetration testing service, with accompanying report that has met their audit requirement needs. Computer Merchants goal as your valued IT service partner is to always make sure you are happy with the end result.

Computer Merchants enjoys surprising customers with the depth of services that we can offer. Put us to the test next time you are talking to your Account Manager.

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