Migrating your IBM System i can be a very risky operation, especially if your business is running 24/7. However, you can minimise the risks with the right planning and expertise. Here at Computer Merchants our iSeries specialist team perform system migrations all the time. We have proven methodologies to suit all sorts of situations to minimise the risk and make the transition as smooth as possible.

We have recently performed a migration for one of our customers in the finance industry. It was important for them to have their machine available to service their clients 24/7. We were given an outage window of five hours to complete the migration. Usually doing a cutover using save restore will take an average of twelve hours.

By using Maxava HA software our engineers knew we could cutover within the outage window of five hours. We were able to replicate the databases so that both machines were in sync and then tested the data to see that it was accurate to the last transaction. We then did a couple of dry runs to test the cutover process which proved to be successful.

The final go live was at midnight on a Saturday night. To ensure a smooth cutover we were going to perform all the steps that were documented in the practice runs. In less than two hours the systems were completely backed up and were available to be used by the customers once again. The business was very happy with the time that it took to complete the migration. They are now successfully running on their brand new IBM Power7 hardware and reaping the rewards and benefits.

These services are available to all our customers. Our engineers will work with you to determine which method is right for your situation. How critical the system is, what window of outage you have available and what skill set you have available are all factors that need to be considered before the migration. We look forward to working with you to improve the efficiency of your business.

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