IBM Power Systems are usually running mission critical applications. While IBM Power Systems are a very reliable platform it pays to have preventative measures in place and system monitoring is one such measure. When you do the sums on the cost of an outage to your business on a per hour basis you will find that system monitoring can very quickly pay for itself.

When you purchase our system monitoring service, you get…

  • Access to our team of very experienced engineers
  • Your systems monitored by these same engineers
  • Real time alerts sent to your designated staff and our engineers
  • Regular reports with a summary of activity and recommendations
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Priority over non subscribing customers

Here are a couple of examples of where our system monitoring service has helped prevent serious outages.

One client (a retailer) had a rapid increase in disk usage. Our engineers were alerted to the increase and got onto their system and prevented it from filling up completely, thus saving an outage.

This client also experienced periods of high CPU usage. Our system monitoring service alerted us to this which led to the client’s application experts investigating and addressing the issue.

Another client (financial services) had their journal sequence numbers nearing their limit. If the limit had been reached it would have caused their main application to stop. We alerted the client and they were able to reset the sequence numbers to prevent an outage.

We have system monitoring in place on our own IBM mid-range systems. One weekend we had a disk fail. Our engineers were alerted by SMS and the disk was changed on Sunday ready in time for business to resume on Monday, the result being no impact on our business.

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