The ultimate cyber safety solution for business – in and out of the organisation’s network

The Netbox from Netbox Blue has been designed specifically to provide businesses and government agencies with a framework and a set of practical tools to manage online behaviour, minimise risks and alert managers to harmful situations.

Organisations now face increasingly complex challenges in managing the online behaviour of staff.  The availability of online content provides huge productivity challenges while the growth of social networking introduces even greater risks.

These risks are also not confined to the company network – staff now have laptops, travel and work from home.  They also have mobile devices and can connect to the internet in many ways, even when sitting inside the organisation’s facilities.  This renders traditional gateway filtering and security solutions obsolete and leaves organisations unwittingly vulnerable to a range of threats.

Netbox Blue’s solutions have been designed specifically for this task. It provides an organisation with complete control and management of many online risks, including productivity loss, confidential data leakage, harassment, discrimination and racism, bullying, inappropriate communications, reputational risk (brand and individual), liability from personal messages and more.

With our always connected society, the power of social media, such as Facebook, can amplify the risks to workplace safety and reputation.  This is where organisations around the world are now turning to Netbox Blue to deliver easy to implement and manage solutions to solve these increasingly complex and worrying risks.

Unique Behaviour Pattern Matching solution:

Netbox Blue’s unique and patented technology to provide a solution to all of these risks has been proven over many years and is being selected by government departments, educational institutions, businesses of all sizes and global technology companies as the best and most practical solution.

Buried in amongst the torrent of information flowing to and from an organisation are patterns, clues and evidence that can help a manager prevent the inappropriate behaviours that can damage the organisation in many ways as well as identify the silent victim. A victim may be an employee who is subject to cyber-bullying, racism, contemplating the use of drugs or even considering self harm.

Netbox Blue helps organisations identify a victim of bullying or other abuse immediately and enables them to provide support to the victim before an issue gets out of control. Once the victim has been supported the solution enables the manager to identify the perpetrators of the offensive communication, even if they were not using the organisation’s equipment, and deal appropriately with them.

The technology protects employees from receiving offensive messages from social media and chat messages. If they communicate inappropriately they will receive a message that will help them learn about what is permissible and it makes them accountable for their actions online, as reports will show managers the details of any policy breaches.

The solution can be delivered on a dedicated server as well as in a virtual machine environment.

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