Mobility Growth

Over the last 5 years Mobile technology has transformed the way we work, shop and socialize. This trend is only growing. In fact, it has been said that Mobile is now the first point of contact between both individuals and organizations. Mobile users on average check their devices 30 times per hour and by the end of 2013, there were more connected mobile devices than people on the planet.

With an estimated 200 million employees expected to join those already following a “bring your own device”, mobility has become an important part of business focus. BYOD gives employees flexibility to work wherever and whenever and allows access to the data they need. The other bonus being that they get to use the device they’re most comfortable with.

The retail industry has revealed that online retail sales for 2013 was $231 billion, the number projected for 2017 is $370 billion. In addition to this, IBM has recently completed a poll of 3,000 global CIOs and found that 75% view mobile solutions as a top spending priority. This growth has sparked mass interest in organisations wanting to become mobile ready and expand their reach to the mobile market.

The first step to go mobile is to build and run some applications. Due to the speed of the market and the complexity across a variety of users, devices, data, and transaction types—building and running quality applications quickly or on an enterprise scale can be a challenge.

Also Mobile apps must not only satisfy user needs with flexible development tools, they must also connect seamlessly with backend systems, allow centralized management, and meet enterprise security requirements.

IBM’s Worklight Tools

The IBM Worklight tools help provide an open, comprehensive platform to build, run, and manage HTML5, hybrid, and native mobile applications. Worklight can help you reduce application development and maintenance costs, improve time-to-market, and enhance mobile application governance and security.

With IBM Worklight you can:

  • Support multiple mobile operating environments (Apple, Windows, Android etc) and devices with the simplicity of a single, shared code base.
  • Connect and synchronize with enterprise data, applications and cloud services.
  • Safeguard mobile security at the device, application and network layer.
  • Govern your mobile app portfolio from a central interface.

While it’s the Worklight server that takes care of managing your mobile applications when deployed, it’s Worklight’s integration with IBM’s System z that meets the demand for robust, secure mobile applications. This is what is driving IBM’s strategy for mobility on Linux® on System z Enterprise.

Running Worklight server on Linux for System z has several benefits:

  • Local access to services and data on IBM z/OS® across a fast and secure IBM HiperSocketsTM Connection
  • Additional reliability of System z for 24×7 operations and automatic inclusion of the Mobile Application Platforms into existing disaster recovery procedures
  • Rapid and automatic scalability for mobile workloads that benefit from the virtualization capabilities of Linux on System z
  • Security capabilities of the System z platform

Mobile is a transformation business model that is changing the way that people work and connect. IBM and Computer Merchants are keen to help your business enter into the world of mobility or help you enhance your current experience with mobility. We have a range of resources and education to help get you started. Also, keep an eye out for IBM’s quarterly System z Forums. They are held in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra and are a great way to keep in touch with the z community and stay up to date with IBM’s latest offerings.

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