Where are you going to place the rack? To make the best decision for both today’s needs and future growth, the following tips can help ensure you choose the right solution for your environment.


A dedicated IT room? Or a mixed-use space, like a conference room?

It is important to remember that IT equipment can be noisy at times, so… if your IT will be kept in a space near where employees will be working, you’ll need a rack that is contained, quiet, and blends into the office environment. If it is in a dedicated space, the right solution will depend on what equipment you have to rack, the space available, and the security needed.

How much and what types of equipment will be used?

You want to ensure you have enough space for your IT gear, but not overkill. So make sure you buy the right sized rack, considering your future needs as well. Also, consider what types of equipment you will be utilising. For server and mixed IT environments, full enclosures are generally the right option, while open frame enclosures are suitable for networking spaces.


Do you need the flexibility to be able to add additional features and equipment?

Will you need to add further cooling, power distribution or security to the rack during the course of its working life? If so, choose a rack which allows for easy toolless integration of accessories such as PDUs, shelving, blanking panels and rack based cooling.


Choose a vendor neutral solution

To ensure easy integration of all your IT components, be sure to select a rack which is vendor neutral so that no matter who makes your servers, switches, storage or other IT equipment, you will be assured an easy deployment.


The APC™ by Schneider Electric™ range of rack solutions includes:

  • NetShelter™ SX – Feature-rich and base-building block of Schneider Electric InfraStruxure Data Centre architecture. Optimised for easy installation, managing cables, integrating power distribution, and maximising airflow.
  • NetShelter SV – Provided with only the essential features for simplified deployments but maintains a reliable and secure rack system with easy integration of accessories.
  • Open Frame Racks – Cost effective solution to organise and install network infrastructure
  • NetShelter CX – For offices and non-IT spaces, a soundproofed server room in a box
  • Specialty Enclosures – For unique environments or applications such as wall mount or seismic


Here at Computer Merchants, we work with you to provide the best solution for your individual requirements.

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