A customer recently came to us with a need to provide secure remote access for their staff and contract vendors. They were looking for a solution that was highly secure and easy to manage. It also needed to be robust and simple to implement.

The customer’s existing solution consisted of distributed physical appliances. The product was quite capable of performing the security standards they were looking to achieve however it had no central point of management and tracking the configuration changes to the individual appliances was cumbersome.

“Mi-Token” presented as the perfect solution for the customer.

Mi-Token delivers two-factor authentication that is secure, flexible and cost effective.

Originally created for the banking sector, Mi-Token uses the world’s best security to deliver ‘proof of identity’ that is robust and reliable.

A big attraction for our customer is that Mi-Token is easy to manage and deploy. It natively integrates with Active Directory which allows all the existing AD security policies for users and groups to be imported. Mi-Token requires no standalone equipment in the server room and can be rolled out rapidly over a large scale. It also delivers an intuitive end user experience which reduces the need for training and support.

Mi-Token also provided our customer with flexibility around their choice of authentication tokens. The low cost per user license works with hard-tokens from a variety of vendors plus provides soft-tokens as standard for every licensed user.

Our customer was very impressed with the ease that Mi-Token was rolled out with no disruption to their business. The Mi-Token solution has cost effectively enabled our customer to secure the network.


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