Here at Computer Merchants we have always been committed to using the technologies we sell because it means we have firsthand experience in dealing with the issues our customers face. The latest example of this is that we have purchased our own IBM PureFlex. It came with IBM Power System and Intel nodes (servers) installed so it can run IBM i, AIX, Linux, Windows and VMware workloads. The disk storage is provided by an IBM V7000 that came as part of our purchase.

We’re seeing a trend where organisations don’t want to own their own hardware but would rather their provider owns, manages, supports and even hosts IT infrastructure for them. This approach lends itself to a number of business benefits for our customers such as efficient buying of infrastructure and technical skills, pro-active and pre-emptive support, smoother cash flow and freeing up your own IT staff so they can focus on high value activities.

Here at Computer Merchants we tailor and deliver these solutions for our customers and our IBM PureFlex is another resource at our disposal.

In addition to implementing IBM PureFlex’s that customers have bought from us, our technical services team have had some intensive hands on experience with our IBM PureFlex the last few months.

Our IBM PureFlex is now ready to host client workloads. We see disaster recovery as a good fit for this where we provide the required hardware, software, rack-space and support all for a monthly amount. The need could even be short term such as testing, a project or overflow.

So if you want an IBM PureFlex without having to buy one, you can!

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