When it comes to Unified Threat Management (UTM), there is no single vendor who can offer the best of every single security product. This is why Watchguard has chosen to partner with all the best of breed security products and bundle them within one device.

UTM solutions defend your network at every layer, with innovative security features that:

  • Manage applications to boost security and productivity
  • Keep web surfers within guidelines
  • Stop malware, bots, targeted attacks, network-based threats

Security technologies for antivirus / antispam, intrusion prevention and APT protection are not created equal, so only the world’s most trusted solutions make it onto Watchguard network security appliances. These best-of-the-best security scanning technologies sit on top of a platform WatchGuard built to be the fastest and most agile in the industry.

Proprietary approaches create hardware and software dependencies. Watchguard’s Fireware® operating system runs full versions of the industry’s leading scanning engines on an industry-standard platform for maximum flexibility.


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