Computer Merchants are in the unique position in that we can supply equipment in Australia, New Zealand as well as the Pacific Islands.

If you are based in Australia and need our services or equipment for your New Zealand or Pacific Islands business operation or you are based in New Zealand or Pacific Islands and need equipment for Australia, we can help.

Over time we have established the connections, put in place the processes and built working relationships in Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands to make our transactions happen smoothly – from delivering equipment and arranging installation, to licensing of software and also arranging hardware and software maintenance.

A recent example of this was when we worked with a Sydney based systems manager responsible for his division’s IT operations in both Australia and New Zealand. We supplied an IBM AIX 740 for their Auckland office.

This involved:

  • Setting up an IBM customer number
  • Registering the hardware against this number
  • Registering IBM software licenses we supplied against this new customer number as well
  • Arranging hardware maintenance with IBM
  • Arranging software maintenance agreement with IBM

During all these procedures, our logistics and sales teams kept the customer well informed of progress at all times. Subsequently we have another very happy Computer Merchants customer.

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