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Manufacturer Part Number Product Description Price Enquire
SUN 3702 314

2.1GB 5400RPM Disk MM 3702 314

$40.00 Enquire Now 364000
SUN 3701 392

424MB 3 1/2″ 4400 Rpm Disk MM 3701 392

$30.00 Enquire Now 363000
SUN X703 0A

64MB Dram Expansion Kit (2 Dimms) MM X703 0A

$30.00 Enquire Now 363000
SUN X494 A

Compact 1 Mechanical Mouse MM X494 A

$20.00 Enquire Now 362000
SUN X113 1A

Sunpci Coprocessor Option Card,Amd300mhz MM X113 1A

$120.00 Enquire Now 3612000
SUN S014363

336/333MHZ Ultrasparc Module,4MB Ex.Cach MM X256 0A

$50.00 Enquire Now 365000
SUN M5000

M5000 Server 256GB Memory, 8x SPARC64 MM M500 0

$1,000.00 Enquire Now 36100000
SUN 78814793

256MB Memory Expansion (8x32mb) MM X702 2A

$30.00 Enquire Now 363000
SUN 6504938

Sun Storedge S1 Array MM S1

$30.00 Enquire Now 363000
SUN 6022912

Workgroup Server MM V490

$30.00 Enquire Now 363000

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