July 20, 2015

Whether it is to meet reporting requirements, or a part of a social responsibility program, more businesses than ever are keen to reduce their environmental footprint. The IT department has a big role to play – and the good news is, going green doesn’t have to be a costly exercise.

One very straightforward consideration is disposal of unwanted IT equipment. For many items, you could consider repurposing, something your consultant can advise you on. Computer Merchants also operates a brokerage service, so we may be able to help you to sell equipment that no longer has a role in your own environment. When embarking on a new project, you can expect us to discuss environmentally sound ways to dispose of any unneeded items.

It isn’t just a matter of old equipment though – there are some serious environmental benefits to some of the emerging products. What is especially exciting is that those offering the greatest green credentials are often those that also stretch your budget the furthest. IBM and Lenovo have been leading the environmental charge, with cooling systems that cut energy costs drastically, and a new era of virtualisation that cuts the number of devices needed. As they see the benefits, other vendors appear keen to follow suit.

Of course, you could also look to new technology consumption options. After all, the economy of scale that is employed in cloud ‘as a service’ solutions is another way of keeping those energy bills to a minimum (and let’s face it, the other benefits are not to be sneezed at either). Whether picking a few services like disaster recovery or backup as a service, or considering a bigger cloud shift, the number of machines is undoubtedly reduced.

Of course, there are many other considerations when you are updating or expanding your environment. Cost, suitability, performance, ability to integrate with your own environment. When you next embark on a project or review your data centre, though, talk to your technology partner about environmental factors. You may just find that making green choices pays off in more ways than one.

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