Are you Consolidating your IT Suppliers?

May 22, 2015

We are seeing a trend at the moment of businesses looking to reduce the number of IT providers they deal with. Busy schedules and tight budgets are some of the drivers behind this agenda for those responsible for IT procurement. Having a select number of trusted sources simplifies vendor management and builds confidence of having a positive experience that is consistent every time.

One of the challenges with this approach is that most IT providers are limited with what they can supply. Often they specialise in one particular area such as servers, networks, desktops, cloud or a particular software application. Sometimes they may be aligned to just one vendor such as Microsoft or SAP.

Computer Merchants business has been built on helping organisations source the right solution to achieve their goals. Starting as an IT broker in 1979 our business involved sourcing all kinds of IT equipment from all parts of the world and supplying it to our Australia and New Zealand customers. This business required us to partner with many third party organisations and build systems and processes to manage all the moving parts. It was also the catalyst for building our much valued customer service team who specialise in making everything come together to provide a consistently high level experience for our customers.

Thirty five years later and the solutions are vastly different but the fundamentals remain the same. Being a preferred vendor for our clients requires us to be diverse so that we can provide the solutions they want not what we want them to have. Our inherent brokerage skills allow us to easily partner with specialised product and services suppliers in areas where we don’t have the in-house skills. Our customer service team now have a new name “project administration team” but they too perform the same role they did 35 years ago.

The end result for the client is one point of contact, one point of accountability and a consistent high level experience from an organisation they know and can trust.

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