Backup for Your Enterprise Computing Equipment

August 28, 2015

Over the years, considering the importance of Enterprise Computing, Computer Merchants has been keeping close attention on providing total solutions from systems and servers, storage, point of sales devices to networking devices. These devices are used to process, store and calculate a large amount of data that are invaluable to a company. Losing any of these may cost a considerable amount of money and effort to recover. That’s why you need a backup for your corporate’s “backup.” An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) will keep your data safe and keep business operations running at all times.


Online UPS Provides Powerful Power Protection

Featuring Online Double Conversion UPS topology, CyberPower Online Series UPS helps to provide highest level of power protection and guaranteed quality power supply to demanding businesses. Numerous engineering excellences showcase in this enterprise-level application including Economy Mode Setting, Smart Battery Management and Generator Mode Setting, which further enhance its overall performance and capability. With perfect zero transfer time, this series ensures continuous power to all mission-critical devices including corporate data centre, networking, servers and workstations and industrial equipment. To ensure you the best after-sale services, extended warranties are available for up to 5 years. Also, CyberPower Online Series UPS are validated as Cisco® EnergyWise™ compliant, which focuses on reducing energy consumption of all devices connected to a Cisco network. This compatibility helps your company to save on power usage, while providing data protection at the same time.


Remote Management Capabilities for Physical and Virtual Environments

An optional SNMP/HTTP Remote Management Capability (RMCARD) enables remote management and control of the system through standard web browser. With optional Environmental Sensor (ENVIROSENSOR) attached to the RMCARD, you can monitor real-time temperature and humidity readings to ensure all devices are operating under appropriate environmental conditions. The included PowerPanel® Business Edition management software provides comprehensive network power management including unattended-shutdown, event logging, reporting, and notifications. Enterprises using VMware ESX 4.1 or later versions can easily manage UPS powering and ESX/ESXi hot platform and virtual machines for monitoring UPS status.


About CyberPower

CyberPower is a world-leading provider of professional power management solutions and computer accessories. Followed the path to success through its state-of-the-art technology in UPS systems and many other power products, CyberPower has gained significant success in the United States and Europe and has been further expanding its new service coverage throughout the world. With the outstanding engineer excellences and quality standards, CyberPower has become a dominant leader among the field and one of the fast-growing power protection manufacturers in IT industry.

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