Business interruptions and operational failures: The costs might be higher than you think

May 22, 2015

Business continuity is vital to business success; in today’s interconnected world, virtually every aspect of a company’s operations is vulnerable to disruption. Some continuity issues could take your business offline for days, but even minutes of downtime can prove costly.

In today’s always-on global business environment, organisation leaders need near-instantaneous failover and failback of their critical business applications to guard against “outages” of all shapes and sizes. To ensure that your most critical applications stay safe, functional, and accessible, you need a trusted partner. IBM’s tools, technology, and expertise make us a leader in business continuity and resilience – “Gartner has named IBM Resiliency Services a LEADER in Disaster Recovery as a Service 2015”.

With IBM Cloud Virtualised Server Recovery you can achieve:

  • Faster recovery time: IBM leverages automation and cloud technologies to help reduce server recovery time and improve recovery reliability
  • Reduced risk of failure: Our service helps reduce the risk of failure in server recovery situations involving unlike hardware
  • Predictable costs: IBM can provide around-the-clock monitoring of the recovery environment at a monthly subscription price to help you better predict your costs
  • Public, private or hybrid cloud: Available on a variety of platforms, including SoftLayer
  • Support for both cloud and traditional environments: Our solution supports both cloud and traditional environments; we also support a wide range of server types and operating system environments
  • Streamlined recovery: Our service provides a single, unified recovery procedure for diverse server environments—whether virtualised or nonvirtualised, or running different operating systems (Microsoft Windows, IBM® AIX® or Linux)
  • A fully managed service: As a fully managed service, IBM Cloud Virtualised Server Recovery requires no additional investment in special tools, training, or maintenance

IBM has a proven track record providing solid Disaster Recovery Services, via 312 Resiliency centers in 68 countries.  VSR provides customers a dependable, scalable solution with the opportunity to achieve RTO’s of only minutes, and less than 1 minute RPO with continuous, Real-time replication.  IBM is recognised for our solid provider portal interface in place for configuring a virtual recover data center, recovering servers and monitoring testing progress and completion.

Additionally, IBM offers one-stop-shopping for all of a client’s resiliency needs.  With our full suite of resiliency services, covering Traditional, Cloud, Hybrid recovery in both DIY and Outsourced scenarios, we offer one of the most comprehensive portfolio of services to help our clients achieve the “right” mix of DR across their environment.

Real-world success stories with IBM

IBM solution helps food wholesaler reduce downtime by at least 50 percent

A wholesale distributor in Asia Pacific was rapidly expanding its business and becoming increasingly more reliant on the quick recovery of its systems. It needed a disaster recovery solution that could reduce recovery time, as well as offer recovery services for its non-IBM systems.

IBM Cloud Virtualised Server Recovery helped this client improve its disaster recovery plan. The solution not only supported multiple server types, but, more importantly, helped the company cut its server recovery time by more than half—from 48 hours to 24 hours or less.

IBM helps bank ensure business continuity

A bank in Asia needed a disaster recovery solution that could be implemented on a limited budget, yet provide comprehensive backup for its core banking applications. Bank officials also required a low recovery point objective (RPO) and low recovery time objective (RTO).

IBM Cloud Virtualised Server Recovery managed service solution helped the bank ensure business continuity with minimal investment cost and reduced total cost of ownership. The result: the bank was able to simplify its failover process and disaster recovery drills to maintain optimal system performance. The bank also achieved a low RPO and RTO—all within budget.

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