Confession Time – What you really should tell your technology partner before signing a purchase order

June 30, 2015

There is a lot written about successful IT projects, about the amazing feats of implementation and problem-free roll outs, but it is often the time before you even place a purchase order that decides how well you will achieve your goals.

While we try not to make it feel like the Spanish Inquisition, you can expect to be asked a lot of questions in this stage. Usually, it starts with your Account Manager. They’re a pretty good sounding board when it comes to IT challenges, and a great resource for finding answers to your trickiest questions. They don’t know everything – but they generally know someone who does! And if they don’t, our Pre-sales Engineer will.

Needless to say, the more accurate and complete the information we have, the better we can design the exact right solution for you. We want your project to run as smoothly as possible for you, so there are some things that it really helps us to know:

Challenges. Very often we’re asked to tackle a specific business or IT challenge, but find we can create a solution that tackles (or prevents) other problems without a great difference in cost. The more you can tell us about your overall environment, the better value you can anticipate in the results.

Objectives. It sounds simple, but when we delve into the reasons for a project, there can be many viewpoints to consider. For complex projects, our customers often get a lot of benefit from a roundtable session between our specialist consultants and the various business stakeholders. Involving the right people early has the added benefit of smoothing user adoption of new services.

Problems. In a sense, the Pre-sales Team are the agony aunts of the IT world. They are great at giving a fresh perspective on those niggling irritations you deal with daily. It is always better to know about any issues early, so that they don’t crop up mid roll-out. We don’t just mean those directly related to the project at hand – we want to make sure anything new we introduce will not upset the balance in your datacentre. Planning around existing challenges is part of our Pre-sales Engineers’ jobs – and they are very good at it.

Budget. Our customers work in the real world, where budgets are generally flat while demands on IT are increasing fast. Giving us an insight into your constraints helps us to find the best solution that fits your financial as well as business needs. Our Pre-sales Team can cost out all the alternatives, not only the upfront costs but overall long term implications.

Past experience. One of the most useful things you can tell us is what worked for you about previous projects, and what didn’t. We will be working closely with you, so it helps to understand how we can integrate well with your own team throughout the project.

It is by pursuing service excellence, and listening to our customers, that we are able to provide the innovation business and technology solutions that power your success. For more about giving your next project the wow factor, contact our friendly team.

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